BSO Billingsolutions and Operating - Your billingoutsourcer

The BSO is specialized in the ideal processing of billing services for providers of telecommunications services, resellers, private ,and internet and application service providers (ISP/ASP).

The increasing convergence in the telecommunication sector creates new chances and business possibilities for carriers and companies who offer telephone and IP services as well as eCommerce services. The companies however are faced with new and complex challenges in billing their services.

The customers expect high comfort and transparency in billing telecommunication services. With new, more efficient standards, the services offered in the telecommunication sector are becoming increasingly complex, with the consequence that demands in the area of pricing and billing have increased dramatically

The billing systems are forced to bill various, complex services and tarrifs with divers criteria. Until now companies were forced to use different, partiallly concurrent systems.

The IT and telecomunication sector in general is affected by rapid changes, intensive competition and increasing connection and integration.

We offer absolutely reliable and efficient fullservice for all your complex billing requirements.